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Cold Appetizers

1.Papri Chaat $7.99
Fine flour trips with spice potato, chic peas, blander yogurt with mint & trimnd sate
2.Samosa Chaat $7.99
Vegetable turnover with toppings of onions, chic peas, yogurt, sweet, sour sauces and coriander leaves
3.Aloo Tikki Chatt $7.99
Cubes of boiled potatoes in spicy sauce with cubes of cucumber and tomato
4.Chicken Chaat $8.99
Cubes of marinated boneless chicken cooked in clay oven, tossed in spicy sauce, with cubes of cucumber and tomato.
5.Bhel Poori $7.99
A mixture of puffed rice, sev (noodles), crispy poori, chopped potato and onions with traditional sauces