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Hot Appetizers

1.Vegetable Samosa $4.50
Two crisp pastry shells stuffed with spiced potato, peas, dried fruit and coriander.
2.Vegevtable Pakora $4.50
Five fritters of spiced vegetables, dipped in chickpea batter.
3.Onion Bhajia $4.50
Sliced onions, and spices rolled in chick peas, flour and deep fried.
4.Aloo Tikki $4.50
Two Mashed potato patties dipped in chick peas batter then fried
5.Gobi Pakora $5.50
Spiced cauliflower dipped any chick peas batter then fried
6.Paneer Pakora $6.99
Homemade cheese deep fried in chick peas batter
7.Chicken Pakora $5.99
Cubes of boneless chicken spiced and dipped in chick pea batter, deep fried in vegetable oil.
8.Lamb Samosa $5.99
Turnovers stuffed with minced lamb and spices, deep fried in vegetable oil.
9.Vegetable Combination of Platter $9.99
Assorted vegetarian appetizers