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Tandoori Bread

1.Naan $2.99
Unleavened homemade bread baked in clay oven.
2.Garlic naan $3.99
Clay oven baked bread stuffed with garlic & green coriander.
3.Aloo Naan $3.99
Unleaved bread stuffed with spiced potato and coriander
4. Peshwari Naan $4.99
Leavened bread stuffed with nut, raisins and coconut baked in tandoori oven.
5.Chicken Naan $4.99
Stuffed with boneless and green herb Tandoori chicken.
6.Onion Kulcha $3.99
Clay oven bread stuffed with chopped onions, herbs and spices.
7.Roti $2.50
Whole wheat bread baked in oven.
8.Poori $2.50
Homemade whole-wheat bread deep-fried to a puffy, pastry texture.
9.Plain Paratha $3.99
Homemade whole-wheat bread multi-layered
10.Lacha Paratha $4.99
A multi-layered whole wheat bread grilled with butter.
11.Aloo Paratha $4.99
Multi layered whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes.
12.Gobi Paratha $4.99
Multi layered whole weat bread staffd with spiced califower