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Tandoori Specialiaties

(Barbecued in clay oven) flavorTandoor is a traditional charcoal fired clay oven shaped like a pitcher which retains the of meat and bakes them to perfection.
1.Chicken tandoori (Half $9.99) Full $16.99
Half spring chicken marinated in yogurt and tenderly spiced.
2.Chicken Tikka $15.99
Boneless chicken pieces marinated in the yogurt and specially blended spices.
3. Seekh Kabab $16.99
Minced lamb mixed with green peppers, delicately flavored with giner, bar -b-cued on skewers.
4.Lamb Boti Kabab $16.99
Tender chunks of lamb flavored with ginger and garlic cooked in tandoor.
5.Shrimp Tandoori $18.99
Jumbo shrimp delicately spiced and marinated in yogurt and baked on skewers in tandoori oven.
6. Reshmi kabab $16.99
Fresh Chicken tender marinated in very rich sauce and cooked in tandoori oven
7.Maharaja Mix Grill $19.99
Assorted sample of chicken, lamb, shrimp, kabab
8.Paneer Tikka $18.99
Cube of homemade cheese marinated in mild herb yogurt  cooked in tandoor (Clay Oven)