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Goat Specialities

(All Goat Entrees are served bone in)
1.Goat Curry $15.99
Goat and fresh spices cooked in our own curry sauce.
2.Goat Karahi $16.99
Goat, bell pepper, tomato and onion in our own special sauce.
3.Goat Madras $16.99
Goat, tomato and potato in our hottest curry. Be careful!
4.Goat Chili $16.99
Goat cooked with green chilies, sliced onion and bell pepper.
5.Goat Saag $16.99
Tender goat sauteed with spinach and blended with green herbs.
6.Goat Rogan Josh $16.99
Goat in a mild curry, cooked with yogurt and saffron.
7.Goat korma $16.99
Goat in our own rich sauce, with almonds, cashews, and a touch of cream.