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Chicken Specialites

1.Chicken Curry $13.99
Boneless chicken and fresh spices cooked in own curry sauce.
2.Chicken Jal Frazee $14.99
Boneless chicken, bell pepper, onion and tomato in our own special sauce.
3.Chicken Saag $14.99
Tender boneless chicken sauteed with spinach and blended with green herbs.
4.Chicken Pasanda $14.99
Our delicious chicken curry with spiced yogurt and a touch of cream.
5.Chicken Vindaloo $14.99
Chicken, tomato and potato in our hottest curry. Be careful!
6.Chicken Patia $14.99
Our delicious chicken curry with mango and a twist of lemon.
7.Chicken Korma $14.99
Boneless chicken in our own rich sauce, with cashews and a touch of cream
8.Chicken Mughlai $15.99
Our delicious chicken curry blended with egg and garnished with cashews.
9.Chicken Tikka Masala $15.99
Tender chicken marinated in yogurt and cooked in a rich tomato sauce.
10.Chicken Do-Piazza $15.99
Our delicious chicken curry with lentil beans, onion and fresh spices.
11.Butter Chicken $15.99
Boneless Chicken cooked in oven then saufeed with butter and creamy sauce