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Vegeterian Specialities

1.Mix Vegetable $12.99
A healthy variety of vegetables sautéed with fresh berbs and spices.
2.Dal Makhani $12.99
Lentils & beans sautees with fresh spices, ginger, butter and garlic.
3.Channa Masala $12.99
Chick peas cooked with roasted garlic and ginger.
4.Aloo Mattar $12.99
Tomato, green peas and potato cooked with fresh spices in our own curry sauce.
5.Aloo Gobi $13.99
Cauliflower, potato and tomato cooked with ginger and garlic fresh spices.
6.Aloo Palak $13.99
Chopped spinach cooked with potato and garnished with aromatic spices.
7.Saag Paneer $13.99
Spinach sautéed with our own fresh cheese and garnished with aromatic spices.
8.Shahi Paneer $13.99
Homemade cheese cooked in creamy tomato sauce.
9.Baigan Bhartha $13.99
Plump, oven-baked eggplant sauteed with green peas and fresh spices.
10.Bhindi Masala $13.99
Fresh okra, onion and tomato cooked with fresh spices and a touch of lemon.
11.Malai Kofta $13.99
Fresh garden vegetable balls cooked in a rich, yet mild sauce.
12.Nay-Rattan Korma $13.99
Fresh garden vegetables sautéed with coconut in a rich, yet mild sauce.
13.Panner Tikka Masala $13.99
Cube of homemade cheese sautéed with rich tikka masala sauce.
14.Mattar Paneer $13.99
Our own fresh cheese sauteed with tender peas and exotic spicies.
15.Vegetable ManChoorian $11.99
Vegetable balls with onion green pepers in sweet and tangren sauce